Leads Artists in "Ashes to Ashes"


Leads Artists is very proud of Craig Urbani and Zenande Mfenyana for their amazing talent in Ashes to Ashes.


“In Mzansi, funerals can mean big business. From the competition with the casket, the fancy cars and the red carpet to the catering, not forgetting the couture. So far, death has been good to the Namane family who run the popular and prosperous, Namane Funerals. But their luck is about to run out with the arrival of an estranged family member and a dark secret.”


Zenande portrays the character of Reba, “the main female protagonist. A pretty woman with incredible inner strength and independent spirit. She is intuitive and often says what she is thinking before thinking.”


Craig portrays the character of Mickey, our own Mr Muscle….. family friend and body guard to the Namane’s.


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