Leads Artists Agency, operational since 1986, has always been a very exclusive agency, representing only the finest, hand-picked talent. The Leads reputation is indeed a leading one, ensuring our artists receive the best representation in all fields of the entertainment industry.

Leads is a proud member of the Personal Managers’ Association
(Full Member Status).

Please note that Leads Artists Agency does not represent Musicians.

Latest News from LEADS

Proud Leads Family

It has been a very busy year for The Leads Family. We would like to take this opportunity to tell each and every one of our artists how proud we are of you!


We have had artists on many a production, from theatre, right through to television, film, commercials and voice artistry. Above and beyond all of the above, we would like to encourage all of our artists to keep on trucking and never let go of your dreams.


Thank you to one and all, who always represent themselves, as well as the agency with professionalism and pride.


Keep up the fantastic work and let’s continue cracking!